Aaron‘s Running for NPC

So what’s this guy’s deal?

My name is Aaron Warner (he/they), I’m a four-year member of DSA, with my home chapter being in DSA-LA. I’ve worn many hats and participated in many projects during my membership, from being a Child Watch bottom-liner, to designing agitprop, serving as a street medic and direct action marshal, as well as being the acting liaison between various committees, projects, and chapters. I’ll be serving this year as a convention delegate for DSA-LA for the third time. I believe in a DSA that’s radical, diverse, experimental, and always growing in its capacity to develop our members into powerful political agents, and its capacity to take powerful, militant action to fight the forces of capital. I believe that the crises the working class will be facing in the coming years require immediate preparation, to build the kinds of durable proletarian institutions we will need to fight post-Covid economic shock therapy, and to weather the United States’ imperial decline and comorbid climate catastrophes.

For more information, please read my NPC Candidate Questionnaire, available here, and watch this space!